Mafia Web Browser Game

Participate in illegal activities to gain cash, get rid of the police, gamble your dirty money at the casino, and join your friends as you battle in wars against other families. And that’s just scratching the surface in terms of things to do in the game!

Do you think you would be a good mob boss? Well, dive into the world of vice and crime in Mafia Game and find out! Gather as many thugs as you can into your mob and take the streets and other mob bosses by storm. Manage your “illegal businesses”, including herb growing and meth cooking businesses, carefully to avoid attracting the attention of the police. Catch your gangster friends from jail while doing your best to avoid being thrown at someone. Don’t forget to pay your dues to your mafia family and help the weak members of your family. After all, gangsters have their own code of honor, you know! So, if you think you have what it takes to climb over your fallen enemies and reach the top of the game, you should definitely give Mafia Game a shot.

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