How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Durables?

In the consumer durables industry, there are numerous opportunities. The salary range depends on the type of position and the experience. Some jobs in the consumer durables industry are suited for people with a background in management, and others are more suitable for those with an interest in product development or marketing.

Consumer durables job opportunities

The consumer non-durables industry includes a range of products and services. These are temporary in nature, as opposed to the more permanent consumer durables, which are used over a long period of time. This includes everything from food and beverage products to textiles, apparel, and footwear. This industry is growing rapidly, and is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. In fact, it currently employs more than 1.6 million people. You can check all available consumer durables jobs here.

If you are interested in a career in the manufacturing industry, consumer non-durables might be right for you. The industry is growing, and there are many excellent opportunities available. Many of the major companies focus on their employees, offering excellent training and leadership development opportunities. They also offer international exposure, and are great places to begin your career. With so many jobs available in this industry, you can be sure that you’ll find a position that’s both exciting and lucrative.

Although the consumer non-durables industry is relatively small compared to the consumer durables industry, there are plenty of high-paying jobs in this sector. However, most of them will require some education or training, so be sure to consider the career you want carefully. There are also many different career options that you can explore in the industry, so it’s worth your time to investigate your options.

Marketing Manager

A Marketing Manager in the Consumer Durables Industry works with fast-moving products, such as television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, and other home appliances. These companies handle a lot of stock and have extensive sales and distribution processes. This position requires strong organizational skills and fast decision-making.

  • Workforce: 515k
  • Average age: 40.3
  • Estimated job growth: 6.67%
  • Average salary: $101,107
  • Average male salary: $124,133
  • Average female salary: $86,161

The benefits of consumer durables careers are numerous. These positions are often in large international brands and come with great benefits and career advancement opportunities. Also, this industry is relatively stable, so there are generally plenty of job opportunities available. However, education and certification requirements differ from industry to industry. However, a good understanding of these requirements can help you narrow your options.

A marketing manager can work for a multinational company with good benefits. Often, these companies offer good pay and benefits, including perks such as pension plans and health insurance. Other perks can include well-equipped gyms and free snacks. However, the work environment at these companies can be intense and some employees report that there is little or no work-life balance.

Business Analyst

If you are looking for a career in consumer durables, you can find a variety of lucrative options. In this sector, Business Analysts play an important role in a company’s operations. They must be curious about the world and have excellent analytical skills. A Bachelor’s degree in business administration or a relevant industry qualification is the prerequisite for pursuing a career as a business analyst. Business analysts in this industry typically earn approximately $121,065 per year.

The Consumer Durables industry requires an abundance of attention to detail. Business analysts here must coordinate with sales teams, customer satisfaction teams, and service representatives. The environment is fast-paced and requires an exceptional level of communication and direction. In addition, these individuals may work long hours, in a small group environment.

A career as a business analyst in consumer durables can be one of the best paying jobs in the country. These professionals will analyze and assess consumer trends and identify cost-cutting strategies for a company’s products. They may also direct a company’s direction and assign tasks to staff members. These professionals can earn up to $132,290 a year.

Account Manager

Consumer Durables jobs as an Account Manager often demand a high level of customer service, and can require a lot of attention to detail. The job entails interacting with customers, salespeople, and other customer service representatives. This position is highly rewarding, and the pay is high. However, the work can be demanding and you’ll need to be organized and able to handle long days.

  • Workforce: 11.2M
  • Average age: 43.8
  • Average salary: $93,362

Account managers need to be highly effective communicators and have the ability to network. They must be able to motivate a team and ensure the team’s success. They also need to be good problem-solvers. Account managers typically require at least a bachelor’s degree, and some employers prefer someone with at least 10 years of related experience.

The consumer durables industry offers a diverse array of careers, from product development and design to marketing and sales. Jobs in this industry may be right for you if you’re interested in a specific field or have specific skills and interests. The average salary is around $54,000 a year, but some positions pay much higher than this. If you have the right educational background and experience, you can find a lucrative career in this industry.

Senior Executive

If you have the requisite training and experience, you can apply for senior executive positions in consumer durables industries. These jobs are highly rewarding and demand a high degree of dedication and experience. They are among the highest paying jobs in the economy. While you are in college, you can look for an internship with a leading consumer durables company and gain a valuable first-hand experience. The duration of the internship program is usually 5 to 6 months, with about 32 hours of training per week.

If you are passionate about marketing and advertising, you can work as a media planner in an ad agency or huge media firms. This position requires you to understand different media platforms and their characteristics. You will also need to analyze demographic data to determine the type of advertising that would work best for a certain product or brand. You can also work as a human resources manager in an organization. These jobs are highly rewarding and command a great deal of respect in the industry.

Senior executives are responsible for a wide range of responsibilities in the consumer durables industry. Their job description involves balancing the needs of the company and the needs of consumers. In many cases, they are expected to present new products and boost sales. Other high-paying jobs in consumer durables include product managers. These individuals are responsible for coordinating the company’s strategy and ensuring that its products meet consumers’ demands.

Products Manager

Products Manager

If you have experience in the consumer durables industry, you might be interested in a position as a Products Manager. This position is responsible for the overall management of products and services, and is responsible for a company’s top and bottom-line performance. A product manager will have a variety of responsibilities and enjoy a well-paid salary.

Entry-level positions in the Consumer Durables industry generally require an undergraduate degree, though a graduate degree can lead to more advanced positions. The most common degrees are in marketing, design, business, and engineering. Graduates can also opt to pursue master’s degrees, which will qualify them for more advanced design positions and leadership roles in the company.

Consumer durables jobs may include jobs in product development, sales, marketing, and more. Depending on your interests and skills, a position in this industry could be perfect for you. The industry is relatively stable and there are always plenty of job opportunities available. However, it is important to note that the education and certification requirements will vary widely.

Human Resource Manager

Consumer durables companies need Human Resource Managers to manage administrative processes and plan the firm’s operational activities. These professionals also interview and recruit new employees and consult with senior executives on the implementation of strategies and goals. These professionals are highly respected within the industry. This career path is highly lucrative and prestigeous.

  • Workforce: 360k
  • Average age: 44.8
  • Average salary: $93,570
  • Average male salary: $101,663
  • Average female salary: $89,048
  • Estimated job growth: 6.3%

Human Resource Managers in this industry are responsible for evaluating and mitigating risks to the company. The role requires top-notch training and qualifications. Consumer durables firms may hire specialist teams to analyze and assess threats that can impact the company’s operations. The average salary for these professionals is ninety-five thousand dollars per year.

Human Resource Managers in Consumer Durables jobs need to be detail-oriented and have good communication skills. This industry can be demanding and stressful, and requires great attention to detail. They need to deal with sales teams, customer service representatives, and other departments. They also need to be cooperative and focus on communication.

Administrative Assistance

Consumer Durables jobs require experience and expertise. This is a demanding industry that requires attention to detail and strong communication skills. You’ll be working with sales and customer service teams and will need to be flexible to meet deadlines. This position will also require a strong sense of direction. In addition to these skills, this field requires you to be able to work long hours and in a team environment.

  • Workforce: 17.2M
  • Average age: 42.6
  • Average salary: $38,864
  • Average male salary: $46,371
  • Average female salary: $36,267

Administrative assistants are important for consumer durables companies. They are responsible for assisting top employees and earn a high salary. If you have strong interpersonal skills and strong verbal abilities, this role is ideal for you. Other responsibilities of administrative assistants include answering phone calls, writing annual reports, and organizing meetings.

Administrative Assistant jobs in the consumer durables industry require a high level of education and training. You should have a master’s degree from a reputable university and 8 years of relevant experience to be considered for this position. You will be required to manage a team of employees and make strategic decisions.

Administrative Assistance

Sales Managers

Sales Managers in consumer durables are responsible for promoting and selling a wide variety of consumer goods. These products are fast-moving and typically require a lot of distribution and inventory. These managers must have a lot of organizational skills as well as strong decision-making skills. Below are some of the most common duties of Sales Managers in the consumer durables industry.

  • Workforce: 492k
  • Average age: 43.8
  • Average salary: $117,265
  • Average male salary: $130,872
  • Average female salary: $89,717
  • Estimated job growth: 3.55%

Sales Managers are usually the highest paid positions in the consumer durables industry. They are responsible for leading teams of representatives within specific departments. These professionals may also be responsible for improving customer satisfaction and working with demographic and labor data. A degree in business or marketing is recommended to become a sales manager.

The job description of a Sales Manager in consumer durables includes a number of duties, including developing strategic plans and budgets, managing business channels, and negotiating deals. In addition, the Sales Manager must be able to track competitors and understand cost analysis.

Product manager

Whether you’re seeking a job as a product manager, a strategy consultant, or any other job within the Consumer Durables industry, there are plenty of opportunities for you. A product manager is in charge of enhancing products in ways that meet the needs of both the company and its target audience. A product manager has an enormous task to undertake. In addition to product management, there are also opportunities as a strategy consultant and project manager. Both positions focus on the business’s goals and returns on investment.

The requirements for product management positions vary based on the company, but typically, employers want to hire employees who have some sort of training in the field, whether it’s through hands-on experience from education or years of experience. While many product management positions require technical skills, data-driven knowledge, and coding, soft skills are also very important. Some employers require candidates to have experience in customer service and technical support, but others look for more soft skills.

For those who have a bachelor’s degree in business or computer science, a product manager position is usually in the middle of a company’s hierarchy. The job entails directing the activities of a team of employees. A senior product manager is responsible for boosting the company’s sales and marketing. In addition to managing a team, they also oversee product marketing and advertising efforts, launch planning, and evaluating client projects.

A product manager’s duties are varied and include identifying business problems and identifying customer pains. The role requires the product manager to work with engineers, designers, and engineers to ensure that the final product meets customer expectations. They also report updates to leadership, which is essential for the success of the company. They also work with sales and marketing teams to ensure that a product’s lifecycle is as short as possible.

While many positions in the consumer durables industry pay well, the salary for a product manager is generally lower than for other consumer goods positions. A product manager’s salary can be as high as $60,000 per year, depending on their experience and skill level. The job demands education and experience, as well as understanding the products they work with. If you’re passionate about consumer durables, this career might be for you.

Management Positions

Management position

For those interested in a career in consumer durables, a management position can be a good fit. These industries are known for having strong brands, and continue to improve their products to stay ahead of the competition. Those interested in a management position should look for opportunities in the following areas. For those interested in a career in HR management, the base salary is $107,942. The person in this position oversees the hiring and training of new employees and consults with senior executives to make necessary decisions.

In this role, you will be responsible for directing and coordinating all aspects of a company’s sales and marketing operations. You will work with the sales team to reach sales distribution targets. A manager in this field must have excellent communication skills and be able to prioritize work. A commercial manager should have a strong background in sales and organization to ensure that their products will be profitable. You will also need a good understanding of consumer behavior to be able to identify trends in consumer demand and adjust product offerings accordingly.

  • Workforce: 15.2M
  • Average age: 45.4
  • Average salary: $100,551
  • Average male salary: $116,162
  • Average female salary: $78,953

Senior executives in consumer durables earn on average $142,470 annually. They have a broad range of responsibilities and must have the aptitude to lead a group of employees. A successful candidate should have a passion for selling and possess expertise and experience in marketing and sales. There are several ways to advance your career as a management professional in consumer durables. One of the best ways to begin is by becoming a sales manager.

A manager in consumer durables will be responsible for overseeing all sales and marketing activities, from developing an initial sales proposal to closing a sale. In addition, they will be responsible for managing the company’s budget. The salary for a management position in consumer durables varies according to the experience and qualifications required. It is a rewarding and challenging career that provides lots of creativity and job security. There are many ways to advance in this field, and the potential is huge.


If you are looking for a new job, consider a consumer durables career. These companies offer a variety of benefits, including paid sick leave and pension plans. Other perks include international relocation and travel. A career in consumer durables will offer you a variety of opportunities in various locations. Listed below are just a few of the career opportunities available in this industry. We continue to produce content for you. You can search through theĀ Google search engine. You can check our recent article Is Apparel a Good Career Path? or you can find the relative posts right below.


In the consumer durables industry, there are numerous opportunities. The salary range depends on the type of position and the experience. Some jobs in the consumer durables industry are suited for people with a background in management, and others are more suitable for those with an interest in product development or marketing.

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