Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables

A career in the consumer durables industry offers many opportunities for those with excellent communication skills and a passion for helping customers find the best products. You can work on a store floor or in a dealership office, answering questions and talking to customers. Marketing specialists are also needed at almost every company, as they study customer markets and create strategies to reach them. This is a rewarding and challenging industry with plenty of room for growth. Let’s check best paying jobs in consumer durables list:

1. Vice President of Operations

A career in the consumer durables industry can be highly rewarding, particularly if you are an experienced manager with extensive product knowledge. One of the top jobs in consumer durables is that of vice president of operations. This position entails managing daily operations, contributing to company goals, and leading growth projects. As such, it requires a graduate degree and extensive experience in the field. The average pay for a vice president of operations is $121,065 per year.

In the consumer durables industry, you will work with products that last for several years and are used frequently. This could include televisions, air conditioners, computers, cars, and furniture. These products are typically made from premium materials, which make them more durable. As a result, they are more expensive than non-durable products. Consumer durables are growing rapidly, and they represent a huge investment for many companies.

A position as a field representative involves selling products to customers in person. As such, a field representative needs to possess excellent communication skills to be effective. Meanwhile, an administrative assistant is responsible for assisting field representatives and answering customer questions. In addition, they are responsible for ensuring that the company’s computer networks are functioning properly. This position typically requires a bachelor’s degree.

Vice president of operations

Another position in consumer durables that pays well is that of a market researcher. This job is essential to the success of any business, and a market researcher’s knowledge of the market is critical to a company’s success. Additionally, product marketing is an important position in consumer durables, as the responsible for promoting a company’s products. Marketing a company’s products involves studying the market, understanding the target audience, and ensuring that products reach their intended market.

While the pay depends on the position, the hourly rate is an important factor. Pay by the hour is usually more advantageous for higher positions in the industry, but a salary allows for better retirement planning. You can gain knowledge of the consumer durables industry by reading articles in the market, participating in online forums, and consulting with professionals. As mentioned, research and networking are the best ways to gain knowledge about the industry.

If you’re looking for a job that pays well, you should look for a consumer durables company. The industry is highly lucrative and offers many career options. Many of these jobs offer flexible working hours and an attractive compensation package. However, you may need to have extensive experience in your chosen field to land a high-paying job. This industry also provides a variety of career paths for individuals who seek to advance their careers.

2. Quality Assurance Analyst

Among the many consumer durables careers, the job of quality assurance analyst offers a high pay. As a quality assurance analyst, you will be responsible for ensuring that the products produced by the company meet the standards of quality and standards set by regulators. This role is critical to the success of the company, since it is critical to the overall success of a business. Also, in this field, you’ll be in charge of marketing the company’s products, so you must understand the needs of the market and how to market them effectively.

The job description of a quality assurance engineer includes working in an engineering environment and dealing with various types of people. The job involves developing the concepts for new products and communicating with customers and other stakeholders. For this, you should have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or another related field. The average salary of a quality assurance engineer is $29,000. If you are a problem-solver and have a passion for electronics, this job is for you.

If you’re interested in this career, you may want to apply for open positions in quality assurance. Most QA analysts work in an office setting, although some are mobile and work from home. In an office setting, they are usually provided with all the resources necessary for them to complete their work efficiently. In addition, they may work weekends and overtime as needed to meet deadlines. You can also expect to earn more than the average salary of a QA analyst.


Another job in the consumer durables industry is product manager. In this role, you’ll be responsible for planning and implementing the company’s product line in the target market. You’ll be the company’s point of contact with consumers and help them make informed decisions. You’ll also be responsible for conducting market research and studying consumer demands and trends. Finally, there’s media planner, who looks for the best media platforms to promote a client’s products. The job requires an excellent understanding of consumer markets and a high level of technical skills.

A quality assurance analyst’s salary can be high or low, depending on where you’re employed. In the technology and health care industry, quality assurance analysts make the highest annual salaries. In the retail industry, the annual salary for this job ranges between $80,511 and $82,227. This is 12.4% higher than the average salary for a professional in the same field.

The consumer durables industry offers many job options for qualified people. These careers are high paying and can be very flexible. You can work full-time or part-time, and even choose when you want to work. If you want to be financially rewarding and have a flexible schedule, the consumer durables industry may be a good choice for you. So what’s next? Become a quality assurance analyst!

3. Human Resource Manager

If you have an eye for good money, consider a career in the consumer durables industry. This industry has a variety of high-paying jobs, and requires top-notch training. The average salary for a human resource manager is $107,942. They recruit new employees and consult with senior management to set company goals. Their duties include ensuring that company goals are met and evaluating employee performance.

The human resource manager’s primary responsibility is to oversee the management and development of employees. The salary for this position ranges from $62k to $96,838, depending on the region. Human resource managers in New York City earn about $77k on average. They can also expect healthcare benefits and paid time off. If you are interested in working in this industry, consider pursuing a degree in business administration or a relevant field.

Another top-paying job in consumer durables is the position of a strategy consultant. This role requires extensive research into a firm’s business processes and goals, and it involves making crucial decisions and discovering lucrative patterns. A strategy consultant can earn up to $70,000 a month at the entry-level. These jobs are among the best paying jobs in the industry, and they are highly sought after.

Senior executives in consumer durables earn an average salary of $142,470. They work in the middle of the organization, overseeing employees and company policies. Senior executives also need to have experience, knowledge, and passion for sales. To land a top-paying job in the consumer durables industry, it’s crucial to possess the skills and qualifications listed above. It is not easy to succeed in a consumer durables industry.

  • Workforce: 360k
  • Average age: 44.8
  • Average salary: $93,570
  • Average male salary: $101,663
  • Average female salary: $89,048

Working in the consumer non-durables industry can be rewarding, but can also be difficult. With the constant evolution of technology and increasing costs of materials, it’s important to stay current with the latest trends and develop new products and services that meet consumer needs. However, the high income potential of this industry makes it a desirable place to work. And with many opportunities available, this field is a great place to start. You may even want to consider an internship in this industry, which is a great way to gain experience.

An administrative assistant is another lucrative job in the consumer durables industry. This position assists top employees by answering phones and doing administrative duties. Their job responsibilities include drafting company plans and organizing meetings. And of course, they’ll be representing the brand to consumers in all interactions. And, in many ways, these people earn the most money. It’s not surprising that they’re among the most well-paid jobs in the consumer durables industry.

The consumer durables industry is a diverse field, but there are plenty of options to consider if you want a job that gives you flexibility and a high income. One of the highest paying jobs in consumer durables is marketing manager, where you’ll be responsible for preparing budgets and estimates for a company’s marketing campaigns. However, this job can be very demanding, and requires a college degree.

Customer Operations Representative

4. Customer Operations Representative

There are many ways to make money in the consumer durables industry. This industry is service-oriented and always on the cutting edge. The consumer durables industry is an excellent choice for those who are looking for flexible work hours and the opportunity to spend time on your own. However, it is important to note that jobs in the consumer durables industry aren’t going to appear out of thin air. It can be difficult to find the best paying jobs in this field if you don’t have the proper skills.

A Customer Operations Representative works with sales teams to maximize revenue. They identify growth opportunities, identify gaps in the distribution network, and train salespeople. Their job also requires them to develop relationships with other businesses in order to grow the company. They also focus on cross-selling to boost revenue.

The Consumer durables industry has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Most of the growth comes from developing countries. Countries like China and India have recorded double-digit growth rates in recent years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, consumer durables are defined as products that are designed to last for three years or more. These don’t include transportation equipment or motor vehicles.

5. Consumer & Industrial Products Consultant

Careers in consumer durables and industrial products can range widely and offer great compensation. Sales representatives, for example, work on the showroom floor and may also be based in dealership offices. They are often responsible for assisting customers with any queries they may have. They need to have good communication skills and enjoy working with people. Marketing specialists are also needed by almost every consumer durables company, as they research customer markets and come up with strategies to reach them.

  • Salary: $81.1K – $103K a year

The consumer durables industry has expanded around the world, particularly in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. In fact, India and China have emerged as two of the fastest-growing major economies in the world. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, consumer durables are products that consumers purchase once and continue to purchase for at least three years.

Sales managers are among the best paying jobs in the consumer durables industry. They lead a team of sales representatives and manage their performance. Their job is to meet revenue goals while satisfying customer requirements. Other responsibilities of sales managers include building customer relationships, closing deals, and coaching and mentoring sales teams.

6. Senior Knowledge Analyst

If you’re looking for a job in the consumer durables industry, you might consider a Senior Knowledge Analyst position. These professionals play a critical role in the growth of the CD industry and contribute functional and industry expertise. They also serve as thought leaders and guide consulting staff on research projects. In addition, they monitor earnings trends and develop new knowledge assets and intellectual property. Finally, they help case teams navigate the Knowledge network.

  • Salary: $80.6K – $102K a year

Consumer durables are a growing industry, and there are plenty of opportunities in this field. Jobs such as account manager and sales representative can pay up to $72,000 annually. Marketing managers and business analysts make around $83,000 per year. Account managers are among the most sought-after jobs in the consumer durables industry.

Senior executives are expected to do many different things, including boosting sales and presenting products to target audiences. Another job in consumer durables is product manager, where the goal is to link corporate strategy with consumer demands.

7. Client Success Manager

A client success manager should focus on increasing the customer lifetime value. This is done by upselling and creating profits for the company from existing customers. Using metrics like MRR can help them do this. In addition, they must keep the customer’s needs in mind, so they can provide a positive experience.

A client success manager works with a client’s account team to ensure the client has the right tools and support to make an informed decision. They also assist with onboarding new customers and follow-up on renewals and product-related queries. They also provide training to customers on the products.

The average annual salary for a client success manager is $75,925. This equates to $36.5/hour. Senior client success managers make up to $112,000 per year. This position demands a passion for selling and experience in marketing and sales. With enough experience, a client success manager may advance into a management role.

8. Materials Manager

As a materials manager, you can expect to earn an average salary of $97,386 a year. This salary can vary depending on your experience and professional qualifications. You may also be eligible to receive additional benefits such as a company car, private healthcare, life insurance, and a pension. Moreover, there are good prospects for advancement as a materials manager. If you are ambitious and have the right experience, you may even rise to the level of Chief Purchasing Officer or take on the role of President.

  • Salary: $90.5K – $115K a year

As a senior manager, you will be responsible for guiding the entire sales cycle activities, from developing the initial sales proposal to negotiating the final deal. A good university degree is a prerequisite for this position, and experience in the consumer durables industry is a big asset. The average salary for a senior manager in consumer durables is $131,778 per year.

The consumer durables industry is highly profitable, and rewards its employees well. This industry is constantly seeking talented employees. This industry is a great place to start your career. Even internships in this industry are paid well.

9.Director of Development

A Director of Development is a high-paying job in the consumer durables industry. This position is responsible for the development of new products and revising existing designs. This role requires good communication and persuasive abilities. Other best-paying jobs in consumer durables include product marketers and managers. These individuals oversee a team of people and oversee daily operations of a department. These professionals make a median annual salary of $132,290. They may also be responsible for hiring personnel and developing company plans.

Another top paying job in consumer durables is that of a market researcher. Market researchers study the consumer market and provide vital research to companies. This information is critical to any business because it can help companies identify their competitors and understand what it takes to overtake them. A product marketer’s work is also important. It involves studying the market to determine which products will be successful and reach the target audience.

This industry pays well for top-notch training, experience, and education. The market is relatively stable, and there are always job openings. Certification and education requirements vary depending on the position.

10. Head of Supply Chain and Operations

The role of the Head of Supply Chain and Operations in consumer durable products is process-driven and requires a person with good knowledge of supply chains and processes to be successful. Digital technologies such as data analytics, e-sourcing, drone deliveries, and automated picking and packing are increasingly integrating into supply chains. The implementation of these solutions is revolutionizing supply chain operations for leading companies. The role does not necessarily require a technology geek, but the person must have good understanding of how these technologies work and be aware of emerging trends.

  • Salary: $96.9K – $123K a year

Despite a number of risks associated with the sector, consumer durables companies have proven that they are able to combat disruptions in supply chains. Some of these challenges include a reduction in demand, a shortage of manpower, and a change in the weather. They have also successfully adapted efficient strategies to keep their business running smoothly.

11. Associate Principal

One of the most lucrative careers in the consumer durables industry is working as a product marketer. This job involves determining the best marketing strategy for a new product and working with product developers to create effective messages for new releases. Another lucrative position is in human resources, which is responsible for the administrative functions of a company. This position also involves interviewing prospective employees and working closely with senior executives.

  • Salary: $87.1K – $180K a year

Associate Principal salaries can be as high as $175,000, but the average salary is closer to $81,000. The highest earners in the industry earn around $168,500 a year. Depending on your education, skills, and years of experience, salaries may vary as much as 69%.

Senior executives play an important role in the consumer durables industry. They are often viewed as prominent figures within the company and are expected to take decisions regarding the company’s growth. Senior executives are also responsible for developing marketing strategies and launching new products. They also oversee and evaluate projects based on KPIs and feedback.


The best paying jobs in consumer durables require a business or marketing degree, strong interpersonal skills, and experience in the consumer products industry. These professionals pitch a company’s products to customers to increase sales. Another coveted position in consumer durables is that of an account manager. These professionals are sought after due to their extensive professional experience and strong resumes. You can check all available jobs in consumer durables here. We continue to produce content for you. You can search through the Google search engine. You can check our recent article How Many Jobs Are Available in Specialty Insurers? or you can find the relative posts right below.

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