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Amur Equipment Finance, AmurEF was founded with the mission of providing flexible financing solutions to companies seeking to invest in the equipment needed to support their businesses. With a robust vendor origination and asset management platform, the company continues to incorporate new technologies and services to deliver superior service levels and responsiveness. The company is a leader in the equipment finance industry, serving a variety of industries including manufacturing, construction, and oil and gas. To learn more, read on.

Amur Equipment Finance Asset Management

Amur Equipment Finance, Inc. is a leading independent equipment finance company based in Nebraska. The company’s portfolio spans industries ranging from construction to manufacturing. AmurEF originates financing from $10K to $2MM, with terms of up to 84 months. Amur employs 180 people in seven offices across the United States. Read the full profile of Amur Equipment Finance for more information. It is a leading provider of equipment leases and loans to companies of all sizes and types.

AmurEF has built a scalable platform for vendor origination and asset management. Its teams strive to exceed customer expectations, and its core values are based on continuous improvement, integrity, and a results-driven environment. It also encourages team members to achieve their full potential. By following these values, AmurEF focuses on ensuring stability and growth of the organization. In addition to ensuring client satisfaction, the company values its employees’ personal and professional growth.

Amur Equipment Finance Loan

Amur Equipment Finance Vendor Origination

Amur is an equipment finance vendor that focuses on serving business owners and equipment vendors. Their financing packages help businesses expand operations. Small businesses are a priority for Amur, and it is vital to the American economy and entrepreneurial spirit that they support. They also provide small business financing to struggling small businesses. Here are some of the benefits of working with Amur. Read on to find out how you can benefit from their services.

As a leader in equipment finance, AmurEF is a full-service provider with the expertise and experience to serve your equipment financing needs. AmurEF’s experienced team of finance professionals can help your business grow through customized financing programs and same-day funding. AmurEF also offers unparalleled customer service. It employs more than 120 professionals across the United States, with offices in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Amur has made a significant investment in its technology and platforms to ensure it remains a leader for years to come. By investing in a technology-enabled platform, Amur is able to offer speed, efficiency, and a dependable level of customer service. With over 40,000 small businesses as its clients, Amur has built a strong reputation as a trusted partner. So, if you’re looking for equipment finance, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Amur Equipment Finance provides equipment financing and vendor channel origination services to businesses of all sizes. From small-ticket to $2MM, Amur provides customized capital financing solutions for a variety of industries. Our vendor network supports more than 15,000 vendors nationwide. With over $880 million in assets, Amur Equipment Finance is a trusted partner for small and mid-sized businesses. You can count on our professional team of experts to help you finance your equipment.

Amur Equipment Finance Core Values

Amur Equipment Finance (AmurEF) is one of the leading equipment finance companies in the nation. Dedicated to serving clients in the essential industries, AmurEF provides customized finance programs that feature prompt credit decisions and same-day funding. Their specialized team of asset finance experts draws on their years of experience, industry coverage, and situation-specific underwriting expertise to provide flexible financing options. Their focus on small and middle-market lending includes financing terms of 10k to $2MM, and they also offer flexible terms, including up to 84 months.

Amur is committed to empowering small businesses through its progressive payment structure. This payment plan starts with lower payments and gradually increases over time, giving borrowers better cash flow relief in the early stages of the loan. Because payments start at the time when the equipment is generating revenue, progressive payment structures help seasonal companies pay for their equipment more easily. The result is less stress on cash flow during slow seasons. Further, progressive payment structures enable seasonal businesses to receive lower payments during off-season months and higher contract payments during peak seasons.

Amur Equipment Finance is a Top Five, independent commercial equipment finance company that employs over 350 leasing experts throughout the US. The company is also recognized as a Great Place to Work®, and has been named a Top Five Best Place to Work by Glassdoor. In addition to their flagship location in Nebraska, Amur has offices throughout California, New Hampshire, Texas, and South Dakota. They are a leader in the equipment finance industry and have over 15,000 equipment vendors nationwide.

Through flexible financing solutions and customer service, Amur has built a strong foundation for long-term success. Amur has committed to investing heavily in an advanced technology platform, which enables speed and efficiency, while maintaining unsurpassed customer service. And the company’s unsurpassed commitment to its customers has resulted in a renowned reputation as the largest independent equipment finance company in North America. And, as a leading independent equipment finance company, Amur has positioned itself for continued success.

Growth strategy

Amur Equipment Finance Growth Strategy

Amur equipment finance has grown rapidly in the past several years. The company has a dedicated team of finance professionals and has grown its originations by more than $100 million annually. The team has developed deep relationships with more than 15,000 vendors and has increased its employee headcount by more than 50 percent since last March. The company is expanding its national footprint by opening offices in Rapid City, South Dakota, and Lincoln, Nebraska. It was founded in Grand Island, Nebraska, and now serves businesses across the Great Plains region.

In its most recent quarterly report, Amur Equipment Finance announced record growth in Q4 2020. The company’s application volume increased by more than 34 percent year-over-year, setting new records. These results are indicative of the continued response of small businesses to Amur’s growth strategy. Today, Amur is the preferred finance partner of more than 15,000 equipment vendors and has grown to be a trusted business partner for more than 40,000 small businesses.

Amur offers flexible pay structures, which align with its commitment to small business growth. The progressive payment structure begins with lower payments, increasing in amount over time. This approach offers greater cash flow relief during the beginning of the term, as the business will only begin paying for equipment when it begins generating revenue. It can be customized to suit the needs of seasonal businesses, as the payments for peak seasons will be higher than those during the off-season.

Amur Equipment Finance was founded in Grand Island, Nebraska, and expanded its national footprint in 2013. In 2015, the company made a major capital investment to strengthen its leadership team. Today, it employs 145 people, almost doubled its workforce over the past several years. It is among the top five independent commercial equipment finance providers in the United States, and its growth strategy has been highly successful. Currently, it is a Top Five independent equipment finance provider in the US and is a certified Great Place to Work. The company serves a diverse range of industries, from manufacturing and construction to transportation and infrastructure. We continue to produce content for you. You can search through the Google search engine. If you’re interested in related finance topics, you can check our recent article Viva Finance or you can find the relative posts right below.

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