Pi update, more school stuff

Talked with my Pre-Calculus teacher about my Java program because I needed to learn how I would know when a decimal became fixed and wouldn’t change value anymore.  I have learned that basically it’s each time the denominator adds a digit.  So basically at 1/11, 1/101, 1/1001, 1/10001, etc.   This will help me with my code to display the most accurate value I have for Pi at the time. School is rough this semester.  The homework so far has seemed more intense than the…

German Pi

Sitting in German class right now and feeling really dumb. I fail at this language. So instead I’m thinking more about my first Java project for my Raspberry Pi. I figure what better for a Pi than to calculate Pi. So I am using java.math.BigDecimal to calculate Pi. The Pi will run a web server that will show the latest calculation.